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V*rmillion chat bypass

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V*rmillion chat bypass

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Not now, not ever, not under any circumstances; it will not happen.

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The user things they're improving things, that's all that matters as long as we're working from this position.

Xenophobes, the economically disadvantaged

Right away. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

Ironically and hypocritically, the user is revert-warring against consensus to add this advice which is analogous to spray-painting "no graffiti" on a public wall. Admins are not expected to uphold all the "rules", or even necessarily to follow them. So what if IAR flies in their face? I hardly think that doing so would be a waste of time.

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It's the ultimate cop out, or in this case is easily applied to provide the ultimate cop out excuse for asinine behavior. Forget IAR v*mrillion just start ignoring the trolls.

People like having a bit of rules and structure and those rules get enforced. Remember that revert warring against consensus doesn't work, and in the end, if you can't convince people that your action was correct, be prepared to accept that you've been overruled by the community.

You're arguing that someone adding text indicating that it's bad to revert-war against consensus believes that it's good to revert-war against consensus. You're supposed to ignore anything that makes that harder. To absolutely everything. Someday soon you'll see that.

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And so on and so forth. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in v*rmiloion European countries. Its simple trolling. The editor is welcome to believe that ignoring people and reverting repeatedly le to some kind of improvement, but that would be a delusional belief, because it actually le to no effect at all, except for maybe being blocked, after enough reversions. Important, maybe.

What each individual rule could do with s and s of exceptions, IAR does with twelve words. Deriving everything from bypasd principles just isn't practical.

The net effect is the same: undesirable behavior is stopped, not because it breaks clause b of rule section 18 dash four, but because it's undesirable behavior. It's still not justification for everyone always doing it. I think this rule is anything but benign. IAR can't condone revert warring, cgat it condones actual improvement, not improvement that's attempted and foiled.

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Thanatosimii19 April UTC We achieve ability quite easily- logs of admin actions are easily viewable v*rrmillion all. Admins are expected to use good judgment, and that means knowing when to follow rules and when to break them. It's not about behavior being "policy supported" or not; it's about behavior making any sense or not.

Getting away from a rule fixation is the first step. People are blocked bypasss violating the 3RReven when their behaviour is not undesirable taken on its own.

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It is only undesirable behaviour because we have conventions codified in the 3RR which say it is. The issue is that what you're saying lacks a lot of relevance - this person is acting well within the spirit of the policy.

It doesn't suggest stupidity or obliviousness as a course of action. You seem to think I meant something other than what I meant. I'd imagine he thinks otherwise, which is why he continues to do it. No, I would say probably. If somebody thinks that IAR means they can ignore everything, including opposition to their actions, then they're terribly mistaken.

The Cloud WAF Bypass Problem

It merely proves my point - it's a disruptive, incoherent policy that can never be used "properly," and the protests because this person is ignoring rules you're okay with simply outlines the further hypocrisy. Consensus takes time and it takes effort. V*rmiillion was arguing against people who want to nix IAR completely which I do not and also said that most of the people who use IAR as an excuse are trolls, which is a false statement. I'm still waiting for someone to cite instances in which cbat policy was successfully [ab]used in this manner.

If they have, please point it out. You're absolutely correct that IBeatAnorexia can ignore the rules if they think they're improving the project.