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Survivor chat

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Julie Beck Spencer Sumner: We were all in the same class, in organic chemistry, and we formed a study group to cope with the homework that comes with the class. Will just roped us into his obsession. Beck: How did you get your friends on board?

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He was survifor professional soccer player; he won the show; he then got cancer twice and went through treatment for that. We had a whole week of building up to it.

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survivor chat Spencer: It was definitely a little tough at first, going from miles per hour to a dead stop. When I first asked if people would want to play a Survivor game over their phones shrvivor quarantine, I kind of asked it as a joke, and people completely bought into it. Ellis, Spencer, and Claire wanted to surprise me, so they contacted my favorite winner from the show and asked him if he could my birthday Zoom call, and he surprisingly did!

Courtesy of Claire Bunn Will: It became a friendly competition between us, seeing who could make the best Survivor audition video, or who could eventually get on the show.

And he used his money [from the show] to help start a charity helping youth in Africa learn through soccer. Beck: How have you guys been weathering the lockdown?

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As with Delphi and many other sites if you do a search engine using "Survivor Chat" as the keywords. Will: So my 21st birthday was the week after we finished [our game], and it was right before finals.

You do what you have to. Claire: That final immunity challenge was on a Monday, and suvivor had an O-chem test that Wednesday. But classes starting back up gave me motivation to do something. Halfway through that week, UGA sent us an saying that we were going to extend spring break by two weeks, then move to online after that.

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How did you adapt the format of the show to your friend group? We did final three, and everyone who is voted out gets to the jury. Claire: Also for final tribal council, Spencer actually brought his mom in, and his mom endorsed him. Spencer: Oh, yeah.

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It gave me survlvor to look forward to. Will: I think all four of us actually did submit at least one video. Beck: Can you each describe what your audition video was like? Beck: I heard that there was a surprise guest at one of the tribal councils? Will: [That Friday], the jury came back to the Zoom, and everyone who was voted out got to ask the final three questions—about the game, or anything—before they decided who to vote for.

Beck: Tell me about what happened when the pandemic hit. Did your school shut down unceremoniously? Julie Beck Spencer Sumner: We were all in the same class, in organic chemistry, and we formed a study group to cope with the homework that comes with the class. Survovor there alliances being forged?

Beck: Were there any real-life tensions created by people being voted out? Beck: Do you all watch the show together now?

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Was there distrust between friends of different tribes? It came down to our final immunity challenge. Once enough people were voted out, the tribes merged into one tribe, and it became an individual game [with individual immunity challenges]. After every tribal council we had, I would go film a little video, saying what I thought about what was going on, what it meant for me going forward in the game.

Welcome to Survivors Chat

The jury group chat got really fun. They have to compete in immunity challenges, and whichever tribe loses the challenge has to go to tribal council, where they have to vote someone out.

So Will called a break so we could study, and then final tribal was that Friday night. And then I fell.

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I enjoyed being on the jury. Will had us hold our hands above our he while doing a wall sit. Everyone else was saying they were going to buy food and stuff, but I said I was going to throw a Survivor-themed party when everyone got back from quarantine and they were all invited. She was the one who actually responded to us. Beck: And Will durvivor having people film confessionals throughout this process? Beck: So you would actually submit them to the show?

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Beck: Tell me about the final tribal council. Spencer: I think that secured my win.

Will was our version of the host, Jeff Probst, who moderates the whole game.