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Poetry chat rooms

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Poetry chat rooms

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Course Requirements These will be comparable with sections held in physical classrooms. Three responses should be on poems from the sixteenth to the end of the nineteenth centuries; the other three responses should be on poems published since

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A student's inability to access course material or do course asments because of a failure to obtain a means to log on to the WebCT site is not a valid excuse for not doing ased work on time.

Responses on pre-twentieth-century poems must be submitted by December 1, responses on later poems by March Alex Preminger and T. WebCT is available at all hours. Grades and instructor comments will be privately e-mailed to each student; these will help you improve subsequent responses. In that event, consult the log of the first chatroom discussion later and immediately enter the second chatroom, which will be inactive romos pm.

System response time is affected by the of students in the chatroom.

Short-list of Reference Works Canadian Poetry. Observations, analysis, and thoughts, however, are poetfy part of a response. This part of your grade will be based on your comments, as archived in the course of chats or as contributed to the bulletin board.

Feel free to postry with what I say. They need not repeat or agree with lectures. This exam will be held in a room on the St.

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In order to obtain your mark for participation, you should attend one chat per week. Each response should be personal, highlighting what is important to you as a reader. Thanks for playing everyone, we hope you enjoyed writing poetry. I do not take attendance at chatrooms. Fussell, Paul. All students must furnish their own computers or use a workstation at one of the University of Toronto student computing facilities.

Responses take off from your observations about words, topical or literary roomw, or figures of speech, or from your analysis of the poem's dramatic situation, or from your thoughts on lectures, etc. In subsequent weeks we will have two chats a week, one at 7 pm, and the other at pm. George Campus. In turn, the visuals are a response to the words, the audio and the visual and spiritual imagery that emerged from that space.

The choice of which poems you respond to is yours. New edn.

To access a chatroom, you must to the course WebCT site. After recording the work Morgiana Hz created a unique response to the work using Crystals and sound frequencies to create a healing and complimentary audio soundscape which supports the poetry and gives it space to shed light on the compressed corners of expression looking for relief. The Faculty of Arts and Science does not give me your e-mail address. This set is a candid response to these feelings, and a poetic riot to the pre-prescribed processes of healing.

Both will last about an hour. All course poefry -- anthology, written and audio lectures, bulletin board, chatroom, and student grades -- will be found on the WebCT site. Read all the poems in one collection of poems published by your poet. Using a video collage approach, the work hopes to create a layered and symbolic narrative which further gives character to the overall poetry.

Do not submit responses in batches of three. Three responses should be on poems from the sixteenth to the end poetfy the nineteenth centuries; the other three responses should be on poems published since If you enter a chatroom and never participate, that is, if you just "lurk," you are not participating.

Literature Online and the RPO bibliography are useful starting points in selecting your poet. New York: McGraw-Hill, If you bundle your responses, you will lose the advantages that instructor feedback will give you in writing future responses.

Toronto: University of Toronto Library. Princeton: Princeton University Press, This study is due between Reading Week in the second term, and the last day of poetyr.

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They must be reasoned and well-written, and they also must show what happens in the mind of one reader, you, during an encounter with the poem. You may of course attend both if you wish.

You should submit a response, then, about every three weeks if you want to keep up. If you arrive for the 7 pm chatroom late, you may have difficulty logging in. Poetic Meter and Poetic Form. Course Requirements These will be comparable with sections held in physical classrooms. New Haven: Yale University Press, Three quite different responses to the same poem can achieve an identical high grade.

Responses need not say everything there is to say about a poem.

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Note: what appears in the chatroom log determines a student's participation in that chatroom. First Meeting Our first chatroom meetings will be on Thursday September 12 at 7 pm. Once the WebCT administrators have set up an for you, you will log in, following instructions that will be ed to you. Analyse them in whatever way seems valuable to you, but consider in your essay the life and times of the poet as they affect the poems in your opinion.