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Pink chats

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Updated 22 October What's your new song Trouble about? Usually my songs are certain stories but this is a bunch of stories and it's really just about attitude. You've changed your hair again.

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So every Victoria's Secret model's a sell out? Yeah eventually something will happen but you can't plan it, I don't know what it's going to be but I'm way more interested in independent films and lower budgets because there's more room to be creative.

You've written quite a few letters. Keeping quiet must be tough for you because you've got a lot of opinions? Well, people like Justin Timberlake are doing a McDonalds advert and some would say they're selling cats by doing. You were a wild child - is it tough being a role model for so many young people?

Usually my songs are certain stories but this is a bunch of stories and it's really just about attitude. What's your new song Trouble about?

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I'd like to know what makes them selling out. So what are the chances of seeing starring, produced and directed by Pink? I've learned I'm not lying by not saying anything, so I just don't say it anymore. All models combine fashion and comfort and are easy to put on. I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes and I don't like it and Oink wanted to tell him so and I haven't got a response yet. Other than that, I'll be the same girl.

I think that's chate important because more people are paying attention to you and [so] more people will go to your website. But you know that it gets attention and it wakes people up, so more power to it. I vented it, I embraced it, I moved on! Know what I'm saying?

Is ponk a big deal to you, to create a image for Pink? Will you be the same Pink in two years time? It's got party sounds but it's not as heavy and painful as the last one was. They know who they are. And I reminded her that freedom of press is why she is where she chqts today and why not be fair and give both sides instead of just one. So is the way I dress and talk and think and feel and dye my hair.

chxts But as far as being perfect, heck no, I'm not perfect. If you eat McDonalds and you're getting paid to advertise it how's that selling out? One day?

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It's not a party record that's for sure. More Info.

No, because Pink and Alicia are the same person Was there one to a fashion magazine? What's your opinion?

Has that ever given you problems? Hopefully a much wiser one, more evolved and have much more dogs.

You had a fantastic cameo in Charlie's Angels - any other non-musical projects on the go? And if they like you music they might like something you're into.

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Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Pijk was it to do with? I know there's a lot of money involved in this but wouldn't you like to do the right thing. I haven't had a response from that. For exceptions and conditions, see Return details. As I'm sure other people do too. I just get bored easily. But if you're a main stream pop artist and you believe in that product why shouldn't you advertise it? How important is that to you?

The whole sell out word to me is such a tired, tired word Your new album's out soon - what can we expect? What happened with Prince William? Is it true you're doing a Chahs advert? They're models. I wouldn't advise anyone to take the path I've chosen but as far being a strong woman, and being assertive and being ambitious and being a fighter and pink chats comfortable in my own body and not society's idea of beautiful then absolutely, I'll carry that torch.

The only problems I've ever had with being honest is telling people how I feel about them or saying how I feel about other people. He sent me an invite to his birthday party and I declined and told him why.