How early to book wedding venue

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how early to book wedding venue

How early is too early to book your venue? | Weddings, Planning | Wedding Forums | WeddingWire

Is 8 months in advance enough time generally? We booked a year in advance, but we got married at a contemporary art museum, not a hotel. We wanted one specific venue, so we booked way in advance. And the venue we chose has three rooms for weddings and they are now fully booked for our date next year. We booked crazy far in advance, about 18 months but our venue I guess is very popular? It is just the case in some places and with the combination of our date and the venue, it happened to be one of those.
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Published 22.06.2019

Questions to ask Wedding Venues Before Making the Booking

Here's when you should start searching for (and booking) a wedding Generally , you should plan to book your wedding reception site at least a year to nine.

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Wedding Venue?

For others, however, I get the impression that they have no idea that most of the companies they are calling will not be available. Could it be that they are just victims of bad information? Curious, I went to the top three wedding planning websites to see what they tell couples. Take a look:. The Knot: months WeddingWire: 9 months Brides.

Generally, most couples tend to book their venue around a year in advance of their wedding date — at least! But, is it necessary to give so much notice? We have written a previous article that outlines what steps you should take in the months leading up to your wedding. We certainly recommend you give that a read. You should give as much notice as you can if you have your heart set on a particular venue, though. However, how soon you should confirm your booking really depends on several factors that are personal to you.

Couples often ask me how early they should book their wedding venue. Of course, this all depends on a number of factors:. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. Then the bulk of active wedding planning can be achieved within three to four-months of the wedding with the guidance from an experienced, professional wedding planner. Additional time for planning can be necessary for guests traveling to your destination wedding , to arrange flights, travel and lodging. So, considering how much time it takes to plan the wedding, may determine how far in advance you reserve your wedding venue. Dates from June to October fill quickly, so if you are committed to one specific date or dates in this window, you would be best suited to reserve your wedding venue as soon as you know your date works for all the key parties for your celebration.

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Whether you have dreamed about it all your life or never thought you would get married, the beginning phases of wedding planning can be truly overwhelming., Jump to navigation.

It depends on the venue! You should ask them if they have a time limit on how far in advance they book, and if they do, what is their policy on cancellation. I booked exactly 21 months out and I honestly feel like it was a breath of fresh air. I was able to at least 'ground' our wedding in an area and date to get real ideas in my head instead of being overwhelmed with all the options out there. I have learned its never too early! I fell in love with a venue and am about 1. So now we are doing a Friday wedding, but it worked out perfectly in the end and its also cheaper!

You know what they say: Timing is everything. And when it comes to wedding planning , this statement certainly couldn't be truer. When exactly should you send those destination wedding invitations out? And how far in advance is it necessary to secure hotel blocks? We break it all down for you and so hopefully you can avoid some of the most common timing mistakes brides make while wedding planning. You're welcome! Reaching out to vendors too early.


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