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How Africans view the turmoil in U. And from a church choir to the Broadway stage, the story of one of Africa's rising stars. I'm Jim Clancy. Well, seeking higher pay or a better standard of living, large s of Africans are looking beyond the continent for job opportunities. While many argue that emigration is a normal pattern, others are raising an alarm that the departure of young professionals is depriving young nations of much-needed talent.

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Their expansion marks a turnaround in attitudes to Africa, but masks many of the emerging challenges for both new and more experienced private equity firms on the continent. It's higher now than it's been historically. Novosibirsk is one of Siberia's biggest cities, and it was here in chilly Siberia that the hunt for the Cape cat began to warm up.

Private equity can bring a fresh perspective to help the family expand or find an exit. BUNDY: One of the most crushing legacies of apartheid is the crisis in black high schools in which the levels of education were abysmally poor. More important, perhaps, the fact that the recount and the process is in local government makwtubani, where it belongs.

It has been classified as extinct since the 19th century. It has been renamed Securities Exchange SA. You were educated here.

And it was an Actis specialist from Brazil with experience running a tyre firm who helped "seal the deal" by cat the potential to the family owners. It's a worry for us. His skills were management, telecommunications and the Internet. So people don't take you as seriously as they certainly would if you were white.

Now let's check the markets. They would get the worst resources, if they get them at all. Democratic Party candidate Al Gore was often seen as being Africa's favorite, due mostly to his record as vice president under Bill Clinton, who raised Africa's profile on the international agenda. Many firms that have surfed Africa's fast growth began as a family trade. In Egypt, vhat medical checkup for King Tut.

John Spence traveled to Russia to collect two lion cubs from Novosibirsk zoo. They've gone. Nigeria's president Olusegun Obasanjo launched a new movement of the diaspora this year in Britain and the U. A university like this one with a medical school desperate for black medical graduates cannot register enough students.

And the university is doing you a favor because you're black and because you're a woman. I think the president of Nigeria has a very wise position. But while it's increased, the brain drain didn't start inwhen the country's first black government came to power. They're lost to us. Would you like to use your skills to contribute to development here? A of Kenyan business leaders say despite the current economic crisis, they are optimistic about future growth.

In far end, it may have to more with how African nations and Africans xhat forge a closer relationship.

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They make it harder for those who remain to do the things that have to be done. But not everyone sees the process of emigration as a necessarily negative development. But there's no denying that lessons have been learned.

And many Americans had forgotten that. The national electoral commission said Mr. But recently, one or two interesting- seex lions have begun to surface. They can draw on a broader pool of experience to identify attractive sectors and steer a target through a turnaround or expansion. They're last on the list. Even though I already won the London marathon, and that was very important, but it was my dream to win New York.

Getting that exposure in New York City, working with all those Jamaicans, all those Caribbean people, all those West African people, people from different walks of life. Now I've won, and I've realized my dream. Makatiani is now head of one of the continent's largest Internet operations, Africa Online.

We'll have details just ahead. For that, we turn to Prudence Solomon. He's spent 30 years looking for a lion like the Cape lion. The rest came from individuals, insurance firms and other sources. For me and the entire team, thanks for ing us. But what really counts is how the political parties and the candidates themselves accept the outcome. His search has taken him from South Africa to Siberia.

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There are just a few eex alike Cape cats around the world. KULU: They'll do an audition, and then they'll ask me to come and teach them how to pronounce the sounds, the African sounds. So we have probably a much greater aptitude cgat getting those goods produced in African countries within the norms and within the standard that we understand that they will be in demand of in this country, this tremendous role that we have to play.