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British boys vs american boys

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British boys vs american boys

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US election media captionTrump: "I don't know who the Proud Boys are" President Trump mentioned a far-right group during the first presidential debate, kicking off online celebrations by its supporters. Members of the group online took the answer as a call to prepare for action. Mr Trump then insisted that violence was coming from far-left activists: "Somebody's got to do something about antifa and the left, because this is not a right-wing problem.

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He has opened my awareness of the world outside the US. Kai-sheng Wang, Taiwan Well, I am an English something living in the US and after many unsuccessful 'dates with cheesy American men, I am now happily living with a Brummie who I met by chance in the street.

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They may have their beitish but at least you can have a laugh with them. British men are predominantly well spoken, have travelled or lived internationally and typically have friends outside the UK. Dave, UK What is truly interesting about the comments of this young girl is that they've triggered a barrage of anti-American sentiment.

America and Britain have a remarkable relationship, and it's a little sad to see all this vitriol stirred up over a silly, immature, and irrelevant comment. Why do you feel so threatened? I wish the English would debate European wars and other high priority issues like they do the comments of a little girl. Forming an opinion on the whole population of your host country on that basis would be spectacularly naive. Paul Charters, England Why all the generalisations about boys from America being more tanned than boys from Britain Tom, UK Why all the generalisations about boys from America being more tanned than boys from Britain.

It's what's inside that counts. American youths - and men are more muscular, fitter, tanned and healthy looking. Italians, Brazilians, American's and mixed race guys are the best Michelle, Britain I think that there is nothing wrong with some British guys but I have to admit that Americans can seem so much nicer looking. As a muscular, tanned British teen, I am really annoyed. Thomas Jordan, Canada How can anyone make such a far reaching comment on the men of a single country?

The best looking people in the world are the first country you come too after leaving the UK. Marcus W. And to be honest Ms.

We are working on his whinging. Slagging off America is unoriginal, tedious, and reeks of insecurity. Adolescent behaviour as I have observed seems to be strongly dominated by excessive hormone issues, masking the characteristics of mature adult they will eventually become. Lader's "assertion," and at the insecure whining from offended Brits.

Let's hope she doesn't get her opinions from her father. If Americans are all that stupid, why are American industries world-beaters in so many fields? These two young ladies have been raised to be respectful, kind, considerate and gracious. That sense of insecurity has clearly been passed on to younger generations and comes across in all the wrong ways - arrogance, 'hardness' and cynicism.

Shoby, USA This all smacks of discrimination. Scottish accent is the sexiest though. She's just a year-old girl As something of a comeback I have yet to meet an American girl with half the amount of personality of British girls. Jon Sharp, UK Americans tend to have better bodies and a more positive outlook than most of us Brits. Are British boys really that much of a turn-off?

The 20 biggest differences between dating in the UK and the US

Margaret Shannon, Washington, DC. Trust me when I say British men have more class and manners than most Americans. I will stand down sir!!! Her predilection for 'looks' seems to confirm the traditional American 'style over content' argument. As a student in London inI came to the UK as a shy and somewhat reserved twenty-year old who never fit the preppy American boys' idea of sexy.

Me and ALL of my male peers rune 8 miles before breakfast! The fact is that English women are way, way ahead in their social development which helps guys like me pull more of them! Veronica Pollack, USA A respondent said, "It sounds, like most Americans, "the little lady" is making vast sweeping generalisations about the British public. I've been to the USA many times and guys certainly take fitness more seriously and most go to the gym, work out and DO look bigger and healthier than their British counterparts.

He's taught me how to make Pasties and Shepherd's Pie. A 15 year-old girl pining for home comes out with some comments when her entire experience I sincerely hope is based on 15ish year old boys, which would make her social interactions rather limited I sincerely hope again. My feeling - women of all nationalities are pretty in their own manner.

Do not stand down, do not stand back. Sarah Titterton, Bermuda The concept that is being espoused bys - that Americans are all fat, stupid, have no sense of humour the most bizarre accusation and ignorant of world affairs is utter nonsense created to make Brits feel better about themselves.

"My husband loves my accent and makes me recite Game of Thrones quotes at social events," one Brit said.

Having visited the US on many occasions I have been inspired by their attitude to their bodies and life in general. I think a lot of it has got to do with the absolutely rubbish English food - it's expensive to eat out or to get a decent meal whereas in the States you can eat incredibly well for very cheap.

Charles Sviokla, United States I don't get it - why do we need to argue over a girl's own perspective? In the USA appearances seem to be everything, whilst in the UK people take very little care, in their appearance. Mary Grace, England In fact the average height of British people has been increasing at one of the fastest rates in the world that's for both men and women - I'm 6'3'' and a lean pounds but don't feel exceptionally big compared to everyone else when I'm at home.

It's about time British men americam a serious look at themselves and kicked themselves into shape. I disagree with every one here, but probably have the most knowledge on the subject. Steve, Vz They can keep their bulky bodies and slim knowledge of the world Ropsa, Finland In response to Charles Sviokla saying 'American industries world-beaters in so many fields' the reason for this has been that the US has continuously renewed its human capital from countries with superior education systems and older, deeper cultures.

Richard Cassidy, Yorkshire - living in Germany Isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? Granted, there are those here in the States who are tan and fit, but there are those who are also flabby and pale. American men are sexier and overall more interesting. It says it all really. The accent gets them every time.

Though Bitish men may be physically more fit and tan, I would take a British guy any day because I have found them infinitely more interesting and entertaining -and definitely funnier.