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great comic books to read

The 30 Comic Books You Should Have Read | Movies | Empire

Sean Tirman. Category: Entertainment. There was a time when comic books and, by proxy, comic book enthusiasts were considered somewhat of a joke. For whatever reason, the greater literary community did not seem to view it as a legitimate form of storytelling, even though so many of the classic literary themes — like humanity, heroism, and overcoming insurmountable odds — overlapped. Time would come to show, however, that this autocratic point of view was both shortsighted and asinine.
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Absolute Carnage "No Hope For Venom" #2 - Comicstorian

This is a perennial fixture on Best Comics Ever Written lists, a book that can win over even those who think that any story told with drawings must be for kids. Art Spiegelman tells the story of his Holocaust-survivor father over two breathtakingly powerful volumes, alternating between the story of his life during World War II and his later years in the US.

The Thirteen Graphic Novels that No Comic Book Fan Should Be Without

For some people, the word "nerd" might bring to mind images of a skinny teenage boy with braces and Coke-bottle glasses. The nerd was once a specific brand of social outcast: one who never talked to girls, did well in science class, and read comic books religiously. Well, I have news for you: the nerd is no more. Outcast boys have learned that there are also outcast girls, that being good at science is no longer something to be embarrassed about, and that reading comic books is something everyone can enjoy. Still, not everyone has hopped on the comic book and graphic novel train. Some people don't take comic books as seriously as they take other books, and most people don't realize the benefits of reading these visual masterpieces.

Deadpool Killustrated - Complete Story - Comicstorian

Every comic book nerd has an origin story, and it starts with opening that first book. There are so many titles with so much history, so it's natural for a new comic book reader to be intimidated by jumping into the fandom. When it comes to picking up comics with rich backgrounds, it can kind of feel like starting a movie half way through. Mashable consulted with Sam Maggs, associate editor of The Mary Sue , to give her best advice for the newbies out there. Maggs' best advice to the interested nerds out there is to start slow by dipping your toes into the community itself by following fan blogs, writers and artists. Most importantly, Maggs encourages all fans to be themselves. Luckily, there are plenty of titles that don't require a library's worth of prior knowledge that you can start reading while you're exploring the comic book world — including some that Maggs recommends herself.

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  1. These are the 25 comic books you need to ready before you die, from classic Simply put, it's Marvel's greatest solo superhero story.

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