Who said books are our best friends

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who said books are our best friends

16 Reasons Books Are Our Best Friends | Books | Books, Book quotes, I love books

I remember when I was in class 4 and took part in an intra-school essay writing competition. We were supposed to write an essay on Books are our best friends. And guess what? I could not even write a single paragraph properly! Reason for that was simple. Back then I did not read any books other than our academic textbooks. So I had no idea on how books can really be our best friends.
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12 reasons why Books are our best friends - "Book Junction"

Books Are My Best Friends

Why books are our best friend? Is must read article for all book lovers. From centuries books has become internal part of our life. In this article we have mention eight main reasons of it. Feeling lonely? Feeling rejected? Feeling bored?

If there is one thing you must get addicted to, reading books could be the best choice. From strolling the alleyways of Rome to exploring multiple planets in the universe, a book is your quickest bet to reach a place instantly, and that too, without a ticket. Transform into a wizard who saves the world, or a time-traveller and so much more with a book. Want a quick escape from a boring party or a sad day? Look for the closest book near you and boom — you are suddenly in fabulous company and going on exciting adventures.

In this time and age, claiming that you read books may stir shocking glances and remarks from people around you. The irony is that majority of people do not want to read books. Reading is so unpopular to the point that people would rather grapple in life, ignoring the fact that whatever they are seeking is more than likely in books. It is actually a fact that our world leaders, the richest people and all the people who make a difference on earth are avid readers. It is because books carry a lot of treasures that no human being has. You can have a friend that is caring and loving, but completely lacking in the intellectual side of things. This is why I need books: to compliment wherever my human friends lack.

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Skip to the article , or search this site. I barely even wanted to run around with the family dog. My best friends. Books have always been my friends. Every book, every single book in my house and your house and the Library of Congress is my best friend and not yours.

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  1. Research Paper Examples - Books are Our Best Friends. Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than Knowledge.” It is true that when we.

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