Blast vibration monitoring and control pdf

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blast vibration monitoring and control pdf

Canadian Geotechnical Journal - 14(4) - PDF

The BlastVibrations monitoring system represents the latest advancement in the evolution of the vibration monitoring and control industry. Developed in response to a demand for an automated system that provides immediate access to vibration data. The BlastVibrations system leverages the power of the Internet to simplify the monitoring and reporting process permitted through a secure and reliable access to data from anywhere, at anytime. In order to remain compliant with increasingly stringent government regulations, project specifications and corporate protocol, there has developed a need for a faster more accurate method for the reporting and dissemination of vibration data. The BlastVibrations system provides the efficient, effective, affordable means to achieve third party independent vibration monitoring in a user friendly format. This powerful tool automates the collection of blast and vibration information from seismographs that are deployed in the field and provides global access to client data anytime, anywhere. When you become a client of BlastVibrations.
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Published 03.01.2019

Ground Vibrations from Impact Pile-driving

Canadian Geotechnical Journal

Vibration monitoring of blasting for rock excavation has been undertaken at a number of large hydroelectric and other construction sites in Canada. This paper presents the relationships between vibration measurements and intensity of blasting at different project sites. These are related to rock type, blasting procedure, and other variables where applicable. The manner in which the results of monitoring were used to assess the possibilities of damage to adjacent structures, and to determine acceptable blasting intensities to control overbreak is discussed. Various blasting and damage criteria are reviewed. If you have an individual subscription to this journal, or if you have purchased this article through Pay-Per-view , you can gain access by logging in with your username and password here:.

Character of Blast Excitation Measurement Techniques and Instruments Evaluation of Measurements Since that appointment, the working group has reviewed three successivel? The purpose of this method is to specify procedures, and to achieve some degree of standardization without inhibiting the development or improvement of techniques. Any person interested in these recommendations and wishing to suggest additions or modifications should address his remarks to the Secretary General, International Society for Rock Mechanics, Lab6ratorio Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Avenida do Brasil, Lisboa 5, Portugal. Table 1.

Blast vibration and its attenuation within the rock mass immediately adjacent to a blast hole 2—15 m were monitored for a blast hole diameter of mm and a 2. Peak particle velocities calculated from the measured accelerations were compared with predictions from the charge-weight scaling law using typical site parameters which would be adopted for many far-field vibration predictions.
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In addition to providing its drill fleet for hire, Xcel Drilling and Blasting also offers quarries and mines the option of a full rock on ground service — from developing full blast designs and plans through to drilling the holes and shotfiring. This is our major point of difference to the likes of Orica and Maxam, whose expertise is in the blasting. So you might go back and forth a couple of times but you know what the opening is. The optimal result is the less dilution for the ore and the waste, the better for everybody. When he works with quarries, Hughes said the focus changes from diluting the ore from the waste in the blast plan for mines to factoring in fragmentation, vibrations monitoring and dust control in the blast plan for quarries. You have to monitor your blasting and you have to make sure you get it right in the planning.



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