Feminism and the mastery of nature pdf

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feminism and the mastery of nature pdf

Ecofeminism as Third Wave Feminism? Essentialism, Activism and the Academy | SpringerLink

Feminism and the mastery of nature. Journal of Rural Studies, Vol. Download PDF. Recommend Documents. Freedom, feminism, and the state: An overview of individualist feminism.
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Nature of the FEMINIST

Feminism and the mastery of nature

Having women in power won't automatically make for caring, sensitive environmental policies as Stacy Alaimo implies in her review of Carolyn Merchant and Val Plumwood. At a recent conference, I attended a performance on ecofeminism that presented a convincing barrage of slides, mainly from advertisements, depicting women and the earth in similarly degrading ways. Sympathetic to the environmentalist and feminist politics, I was nonetheless dismayed by the finale, which baldly celebrated a slide of a naked, pregnant woman, implicitly evoking that old connection between the fertile female and the fecund earth. I begin with this example to suggest that "woman" and "nature" converge upon a perilous terrain that solidifies the very representations of "woman" that feminism, especially poststructuralist or postmodern feminism, has worked to dislodge. Centuries of misogynist thought that has justified the oppression of women by casting women as "closer" to nature and that has made nature synonymous with essentialism has produced a discursive landscape which makes it nearly impossible to forge productive alliances between environmentalism and feminism without raising the doubly baneful double-entendre of a "female nature. Yet, it would be difficult to imagine an environmental feminist politics that did not, in some way, affirm nature, especially since "nature" and the "natural" are such potent discursive nodes. As much cultural studies work demonstrates, cultural struggles often gain more ground by articulating their aims with already potent ideological elements, rather than attempting to create an entirely original vision.

Feminism and the mastery of nature

Third Wave Feminism pp Cite as. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Ecofeminism as Third Wave Feminism? Essentialism, Activism and the Academy.

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  1. Feminism and the Mastery of Nature draws on the feminist critique of reason to argue that the master form of rationality of western culture has.

  2. Feminism and the Mastery of Nature. By. Val Plumwood. New York: Routledge,. lt is unfortunate that feminist thought, like much of the thought coming from .

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