Fuels and lubricants handbook technology properties performance and testing pdf

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fuels and lubricants handbook technology properties performance and testing pdf

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Journal of Friction and Wear. The results of tallow-based lubricant composites modified by functional additives and nanoparticles of thermally expanded graphite and graphene are presented. Improvement of tribotechnical characteristics of lubricant composites in comparison to basic lubricants via addition of nanoparticles is determined. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.
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Lubricant Testing 101: Dropping Point by Nye Lubricants

Westbrook Rajesh J.

Non-halogenated Ionic Liquid Dramatically Enhances Tribological Performance of Biodegradable Oils

It is demonstrated that a phosphonium orthoborate ionic liquid may serve as a wear reducing additive in biodegradable oils at steel-steel surfaces in the boundary lubrication regime. Tribological tests were performed in a ball-on-three plate configuration. The mounting pressure for a transition from mineral to biodegradable oils in many industrial applications implies a number of technological challenges. One of them is to identify the next generation of wear reducing additives. Most current anti-wear additives, such as zinc dialkyldithiophosphates ZDDP and tricresyl phosphates TCP , were developed in late s for use with mineral oils. Despite their good wear reducing properties for lubricated steel-steel contacts Martin, ; Fujita and Spikes, , there are environmental concerns regarding the use of ZDDP and TCP.

CRC Press, This book provides a holistic understanding of petroleum and petrochemical products manufacturing, presented in a step-by-step sequence of the entire supply chain. Due to the advancement of technology, new petrochemicals are being invented and will continue to be relevant to the petroleum industry in the near future. Filled with crucial information Springer, This Handbook describes and discusses the features that make up the petroleum refining industry.



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