Data structures and algorithms in swift book

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data structures and algorithms in swift book

Swift Data Structure and Algorithms [Book]

Understanding how data structures and algorithms work in code is crucial for creating efficient and scalable apps. This set of basic data structures and algorithms will serve as an excellent foundation for building more complex and special-purpose constructs. As well, the high-level expressiveness of Swift makes it an ideal choice for learning these core concepts without sacrificing performance. Move on to working with various types of trees, including general purpose trees, binary trees, AVL trees, binary search trees, and tries. Go beyond bubble and insertion sort with better-performing algorithms, including mergesort, radix sort, heap sort, and quicksort. Data structures are a well-studied area, and the concepts are language agnostic; a data structure from C is functionally and conceptually identical to the same data structure in any other language, such as Swift.
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Simple Swift Data Structures: The Stack

The most popular and comprehensive book on Swift algorithms & data structures! Covers search, sort, trees, stacks, and more.

Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift

Confidently take on the tech interview. Advance your career by learning the basics of programming. Technical interviews follow a pattern. This course will introduce you to common data structures and algorithms in Swift. You'll review frequently-asked technical interview questions and learn how to structure your responses. You will answer practice problems and quizzes to test your abilities. Then you'll practice mock interviews to get specific recommendations for improvement.

Notice of Rights All rights reserved. No part of this book or corresponding materials such as text, images, or source code may be reproduced or distributed by any means without prior written permission of the copyright owner. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use of other dealing in the software. Trademarks All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing in this book are the property of their own respective owners. Kelvin Lau is an author of this book. Kelvin is a physicist turned Swift iOS Developer.

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Table of Contents

Data Structures in Swift - The Heap

Master the most common algorithms and data structures, and learn how to implement them efficiently using the most up-to-date features of Swift 3. This book is for developers who want to learn how to implement and use common data structures and algorithms natively in Swift. Whether you are a self-taught developer without a formal technical background or you have a degree in Computer Science, this book will provide with the knowledge you need to develop advanced data structures and algorithms in Swift using the latest language features. Apple's Swift language has expressive features that are familiar to those working with modern functional languages, but also provides backward support for Objective-C and Apple's legacy frameworks. Designing an application to scale while processing large amounts of data or provide fast and efficient searching can be complex, especially running on mobile devices with limited memory and bandwidth. Learning about best practices and knowing how to select the best data structure and algorithm in Swift is crucial to the success of your application and will help ensure your application is a success.

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