The hunger games differences between book and movie

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the hunger games differences between book and movie

34 Differences Between the Hunger Games Book and Movie - Optionated

After seeing Mockingjay — Part 2 for the fourth time this weekend, I feel pretty content that one of my all-time favorite series has finally come to a close. I first read the captivating series The Hunger Games while I was a freshman in college, when I secluded myself to my dorm for an entire weekend and ugly sobbed as Katniss and Peeta's story started and ended. It wasn't long before the first movie came out, and I remember going in hoping for the best. And I wasn't disappointed. The Hunger Games franchise is easily one of the best book-to-movie adaptations.
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TOP 9 Hunger Games Changes - Book to Movie

And while it's a pretty faithful adaptation of the source material, there are some significant changes to the story.

How does The Hunger Games movie differ from the book?

Things, obviously, will have been changed. Take The Hunger Games. The book is pages long; the film is minutes long. Be warned — there are an awful lot of spoilers in this article. So we get to spend time with President Snow in his rose garden, doling out advice and thinly veiled threats to Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane.

Behold, the major differences we noticed on The Hunger Games movie versus the book. Massive spoilers throughout! Book version: Katniss is given the pin by the Mayor's daughter, Madge. This comes as a surprise as she thought Madge didn't like her. The pin is explained to be a subtle dig at the The Capitol, as Mockingjays were the comical result of a bio-genetic spying program that the general public gradually became aware of and used against the government. Movie version: Katniss finds the Mockingjay pin at a rummage sale, but there's no explanation of why the pin would be considered inflammatory towards President Snow and the ruling class. Level of Change: Rather large as it doesn't set up District 12's Mayor as being somewhat human, and doesn't show why the Mockingjay symbol matters.



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The Hunger Games Movie vs. the Book




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  1. 31 Differences Between The Hunger Games Book and Movie. Laremy Legel 03/ 23/ Behold, the major differences we noticed on The Hunger Games movie .

  2. For those fans of the series who have already seen the film, you may have noticed more than a couple things that were changed when it was adapted for the big screen.

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