Gymnastics rules and score book

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gymnastics rules and score book

Men's Olympic Gymnastics: Rules, Scoring, and Judging

In the United States, the new system will be used at all elite level events. In addition to the new scoring mechanism, the FIG revised the Code of Points by re-valuing some skills and adjusting individual apparatus requirements. The changes to scoring and the Code were under study and discussion for more than a year. Although the basic process is the same for men and women, some differences exist between the two. Just like with other sports, the scoring system is expected to have minor adjustments in the coming months after it has been used at competitions. Also, the new artistic gymnastics scoring system is similar to those used in rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and acrobatic gymnastics. The revised Code does include verbiage addressing score inquiries and the use of video review.
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Four perfect 10's in gymnastics

Scoring Guide. Gone are the days of the 'perfect 10' in gymnastics scoring. With the ever increasing difficulty and demands on gymnasts there simply aren't.

The End of the Perfect 10: The Making and Breaking of Gymnastics' Top Score—from Nadia to Now

The International Federation of Gymnastics overhauled its entire scoring system after the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, making the scoring harder to follow for the casual gymnastics spectator. The International Federation hoped the new gymnastics scoring system would be more accurate and efficient in competition, and places even greater scoring separation between the gymnasts. The International Federation of Gymnastics discarded the old point system for a system that utilizes two separate scores: difficulty and execution. So, instead of the maximum score of 10 points for a routine, gymnasts can theoretically score up to 20 points — except that rarely happens. Here's how the new scoring system works: The difficulty score, formerly known as the "start" score, tallies how many points the routine is worth.

Do you want to better understand gymnastics scoring? Make sure you download them below. In order to become a judge you have to memorize the deductions and the routine requirements. This is a picture of the shorthand I used to judge a routine a long time ago. Judges write down the symbols that correspond to the skills that the gymnast performed, along with notations for what deductions they are going to take. The first thing a gymnastics judge looks at when evaluating a routine is whether the gymnast has all the routine requirements. In compulsory routines, judges look to make sure all of the skills were performed in the order in which they are supposed to be performed.

This score starts at Based on music and choreography, the Artistic Score A has a maximum tally of The Difficulty Score D starts at 0 and builds to a maximum of Aerobic gymnastics. With four judges sitting on the panel, the highest and lowest scores are dropped.


The Code of Points is a rulebook that defines the scoring system for each level of competition in gymnastics. Gymnasts competing at lower levels or outside the FIG 's jurisdiction e. In , the Code of Points and the entire gymnastics scoring system were completely overhauled. The change stemmed from the judging controversy at Olympics in Athens , which brought the reliability and objectivity of the scoring system into question, and arguments that execution had been sacrificed for difficulty in artistic gymnastics. It follows a similarly radical scoring change in figure skating that also was prompted by irregularities in judging at major events. Since its inception in major events in , the Code has faced strong opposition from many prominent coaches, athletes and judges.

And then as the anchor for the US on their final event, the balance beam, Biles did two back handsprings into a double twisting double somersault. She landed with just a small hop back. Biles turned to the judges, saluted and gave herself a round of applause before stepping off the podium to rejoin her team and await her score. She scored Skills are rated with letters with A being the easiest. As the letters progress through the alphabet, the difficulty rating — and point value — of the skill increases. J skills are worth a full point.

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