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New Books Network. Partner with the NBn. How can the history of rubber be used as a way to understand the history of 20th-century Vietnam? Read More. What happens when a Kleinian and Lacanian have a committed, generous, and accessible conversation about the commonalities and differences between their psychoanalytic perspectives? In this special, two-part interview, host Jordan Osserman joins authors Amy Allen, a prominent representative of Frankfurt School critical theory with expertise on Klein, and Mari Ruti, Most test prep books, textbooks, and classes miss the mark by only focusing on strategy and content.
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Science & Technology (विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी) by Upendra Anmol

Illustration by Maria Menshikova. W hat makes for a good science book? Is it an author who strikes the delicate balance between technical genius and relatable storyteller?

14 great science and tech books to give as presents this Christmas

We live in exciting—and slightly alarming—times. In just the past year, new discoveries about the origins of our species have been published, geneticists continue to unlock the workings of our constituent DNA , dramatic finds upended our understanding of life in the deep past , and spacecraft have flown to many unexplored corners of the solar system. It can be dizzying to try to keep track of it all, especially as scientists continue to warn of impending climate calamity and rogue actors skirt regulation to perform genetic edits on humans. Fortunately, was also a year full of great science books, the perfect way to take a step back and consider the implications of new discoveries and experiments. Whether you want to look inward at the science of human heredity, or outward to Pluto and beyond, the best science books of the year will teach you something that humanity itself is only just starting to learn. The flyby will mark the most distant planetary encounter in human history, and the images and science data beamed back to Earth are expected to transform our understanding of the Kuiper Belt, a largely unexplored realm beyond Neptune. But almost four years before the Ultima Thule encounter, New Horizons completed its primary mission: the first-ever rendezvous with Pluto.

Here are 15 science and technology books that will keep your nerdy brains engaged and titillated. Paleontologist Steve Brusatte pieced together some of the most recent scientific findings to create this up-to-date story of the dinosaurs , from their humble beginnings during the Triassic, to their dramatic rise during the thundering Jurassic, and ending with their cataclysmic demise at the end of the Cretaceous. Filled with vivid illustrations, historical accounts, and tales of paleontological expeditions, this book will change the way you think about dinosaurs. Artificial intelligence is poised to change nearly every facet of human life, from the way we do business and fight crime through to advances in self-driving vehicles and medicine. Life 3.

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The Order of Time is his third book. Like the first Seven Brief Lessons on Physics , it has been an instant bestseller.

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