North and south book 2 love and war

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north and south book 2 love and war

Love and War (North and South, book 2) by John Jakes

Arriving at 9 p. It is , and the Southern plantation-owning Mains and Northern industrialist Hazards are now on opposite sides in the War between the States, caught up in the gory action, enduring chaos and destruction with a stiff upper lip. From Bull Run to Lynchburg, though, from Antietam to Petersburg and from Gettysburg to Appomattox, they unleash their biggest firepower between the sheets. The pivotal characters remain former West Point classmates, Mexican War comrades and business partners Orry Main Patrick Swayze and George Hazard James Read , who are now following their separate destinies, accompanied by separate swells of symphonic music. Coincidentally, they are almost opposite numbers--Orry as a general and adviser to Confederacy President Jefferson Davis and George as a colonel and adviser to President Abraham Lincoln.
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North and South 02 Epis 03 Book 2 Love and War Epis 3

Love and War book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Hazards and the Mains -- the first fatal shot fired at Fort Sumte.

North and South, Book II

Get lost in an unforgettable saga of love and war with North and South: The Complete Collection, featuring all three of the epic award-winning miniseries from the executive producer of Roots. Set in the turbulent years surrounding the American Civil War as slavery brutally divides the country, the story chronicles the friendship of George Hazard James Read , a Northerner from an industrialist family, and Orry Main Patrick Swayze , a Southerner from an aristocratic plantation family, who meet en route to West Point military academy. View in iTunes. Description Get lost in an unforgettable saga of love and war with North and South: The Complete Collection, featuring all three of the epic award-winning miniseries from the executive producer of Roots. Entertainment Inc.

Love and War (North & South) Mass Market Paperback – June 1, by of 5 stars customer reviews. Book 2 of 3 in the North and South Trilogy Series.
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Saturday, May 4, is the thirty-third anniversary of the television miniseries North and South: Book 2. This ABC Novel for Television miniseries filmed on location throughout many southern states giving the production an authentic feel. Additionally, Civil War reenactors added a realism to the battle scenes.

Thank you! As before, the plantation-owning Mains of South Carolina do the bulk of the suffering here. Orry Main will at last marry star-crossed love Madeline--but after her octoroon secret is revealed thanks to doomed monster-villain Elkanah Bent , Orry is ostracized by his Confederacy colleagues in Richmond. Orry's young cousin Charles excels as a scout he recoils from officer-dom , falls in love with feisty farm-widow Augusta, but is hopelessly torn between Love and War--with heartbreak Gus' death in secret childbirth ahead. As for Orry's evil sister Ashton, she's filthier than ever--cuckolding her husband, profiting from profiteering, conspiring to assassinate Jefferson Davis. The scheme is foiled by Orry. And shipbuilder-brother Cooper Main, unhinged by the drowning death of his little son, becomes a bloodthirsty fanatic for a while--but settles down in time to take over the Mains' demolished plantation at war's end.

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  1. Orry's cruel and manipulative sister Ashton meets her match in Elkanah Bent, who sees the Civil War as a great.

  2. North and South, Book II () Patrick Swayze and Lewis Smith in North and South, Book II Civil War has just finished, but things in the country aren't much better, especially in the South. How far are they willing to go in the name of love?.

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