Childrens books about cultural and linguistic group identity

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childrens books about cultural and linguistic group identity

The 50 Best Multicultural Picture Books of | Colours of Us

The world is a diverse place. In order to raise kids in this world, we need to teach them about people outside of their immediate family. On the other hand, some kids grow up not seeing themselves or their family represented in any of the books they read or the TV shows and movies they watch. As I began to research this topic, I quickly realized this could get out of control, so I made the parameters pretty strict: these are all picture books and a few board books —depending on the book, the age range is 1—8. This a perfect book for classrooms, because it depicts a group of kids in a day at their school.
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Being Different is Beautiful by (Diversity Video for Children, Kids, & Schools)

In this post, I offer a roundup of 15 of my favorite diverse books for babies and toddlers.

5 Preschool Books About Diversity to Use in the Classroom

Better late than never! This list was meant to be posted before Christmas but it got longer and longer and suddenly it was mid-January… but nevermind, it is still just as relevant and has plenty of multicultural gems in it. So take some time to browse this list of some of the best multicultural picture books of ! Featuring playful rhymes and bright illustrations of children and animals, this board book will be a hit with the tiniest readers! Bedtime, Ted! He still has something to do!

Books, of course! When Lena and her mom take a walk through their neighborhood, she notices that there are many different shades of brown skin, and she begins to see her familiar world in a new way. The author wrote the book for her daughter, Lena, who she and her husband adopted from Guatemala. Titular character Marisol McDonald is a Peruvian-Scottish-American with red hair and brown skin who prefers mismatched outfits and peanut butter and jelly burritos. They have charming illustrations, gentle rhymes and a simple plot that shows a day in the life of a child with same-sex parents. A positive look at LGBTQ families, these are great books for kids with two moms or two dads, as well as for kids who could benefit from seeing a different kind of family structure.

Young children can be exceptionally curious and wonderfully accepting of what our world has to offer! This provides the perfect opportunity to begin open discussions about the physical and cultural differences between ourselves and others.
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Children’s Books About Diversity and Inclusion (in General)

What better way to help children learn at an early age that the world is filled with many different kinds of people than through the magic of books? Children love reading books about people and families that are similar to theirs, as well as books about those who are different. Round Is a Mooncake , by Jenny Thong A curious young girl explores her home and neighborhood and marvels at objects that are different shapes—a round rice bowl, a square pizza box, and a rectangular cell phone—which are also a clever reflection of the traditional Chinese and American cultures that enrich her world. Ages 2—5. The Snowy Day , by Ezra Jack Keats This unforgettable classic, with its indelible collage illustrations, follows snow-suited little boy Peter as he explores the beautiful transformation his city undergoes after a heavy snow. We read it as kids, and our kids will hopefully read it to their kids. Ages 3—5.

We Need Diverse Books is the unofficial home of the movement, and their web site is a good resource for reading lists and other useful news and information. Here is my own list of some great kids books with diverse characters — some classics and personal favorites, some new titles generating excitement. This beautifully written and illustrated book uses the image of a rope passed from generation to generation to convey the experiences and connections of African-Americans through the decades. Just published, this heart-rending book is the answer to the question of whether and how the subject of slavery can be presented to young children. Bryan tells the personal stories of 11 real-life enslaved people who were about to be sold, each in the form of a simple and direct poem accompanied by a portrait. A riveting modern fable by the talented young Mexican artist Tonatiuh, this book won the Pura Belpre award in

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