Social and political philosophy book pdf

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social and political philosophy book pdf

New Waves In Political Philosophy | Boudewijn de Bruin | Palgrave Macmillan

It is generally agreed that the central task of social and political philosophy is to provide a justification for coercive institutions. Coercive institutions range in size from the family to the nation-state and world organizations, like the United Nations , with their narrower and broader agendas for action. Yet essentially, they are institutions that at least sometimes employ force or the threat of force to control the behavior of their members to achieve either minimal or wide-ranging goals. To justify such coercive institutions, we need to show that the authorities within these institutions have a right to be obeyed and that their members have a corresponding duty to obey them. In other words, we need to show that these institutions have legitimate authority over their members. In philosophical debate at the beginning of the twenty-first century, a number of competing justifications for coercive institutions have been defended: 1 a libertarian justification, which appeals to an ideal of liberty; 2 a socialist justification, which appeals to an ideal of equality; 3 a welfare liberal justification, which appeals to an ideal of contractual fairness; 4 a communitarian justification, which appeals to an ideal of the common good; and 5 a feminist justification, which appeals to an ideal of a gender-free society.
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Social and Political Philosophy Readings From Plato to Gandhi PDF

Aristotle’s Political Theory

This course examines the norms or principles that establish and justify societies and determine the rights and responsibilities of a society in relation to its own members, of the members in relation to each other and to society as a whole, and of a society in relation to other societies. The course considers the application of these principles to such issues as justice, human rights, political and social institutions, and world community. The unifying theme of this course will center on the relationship between the development of civilization and the improvement of human beings morally, economically, and politically. We will examine whether or not there are both positive and negative consequences of civilization. In particular, we will examine technology a central feature of the development of civilization and its relation to our ability to attain a life of human flourishing.

Anglo-American social and political philosophy, suitable 'for an audience The book is comprised of an Introduction and two parts, which.
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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: de Bruin , Boudewijn, Zurn , C. Comprising essays by eleven up-and-coming scholars from across the globe, this collection of essays provides an unparalleled snapshot of new work in political philosophy using such diverse methodologies as critical theory and social choice theory, historical analysis and conceptual analysis. In leaving behind problems related to a heavily normative approach to politics, they return to classical problems in our political self-understanding, such as the conceptualization of ideology, engagement with questions of social suffering and human needs, and attention to the subject of politics. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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