Selling books on amazon tips and secrets

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selling books on amazon tips and secrets

How To Sell Books On Amazon And Make Money? - Guide

Amazon may be the largest online retailer now, but the company started out as a marketplace for new and used books. Three years later, the company carried 2. Amazon sold books exclusively from its launch until when the company expanded into selling toys, electronics, tools, and hardware. When ready, enter your address, print a pre-paid shipping label, and send in your items within 7 days free of charge. The trade-in value of your books will be significantly lower than what you paid for them, but really, anything is better than nothing for a book you will never touch again. Of course, the most obvious benefit of self-publishing via Amazon is that your book reaches the market quickly without additional expenses. But the steps are a bit different from the regular way of selling books on Amazon.
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Published 25.12.2018

How to Sell Books on amazon FBA 2018 - Make $100K+ a Year Selling Used Books

Amazon sells virtually every product available, however, many people forget that the company began as just an online bookstore. Despite all the different products they carry, books remain a massive part of their business.

How To Sell Books On Amazon And Make Money?

It literally sells every little product. But most sellers tend to forget the fact that though Amazon is a big giant today, it started its journey as a small online bookstore. In recent years, the book business has been massive and greatly dominant in the global market. More than million books print were sold last year just in the United States. Besides print books , advanced book formats like audiobooks and e-books are already pouring in billions every year. With such reliable international market, money can be minted at many stages. From publishers to authors and booksellers, everyone is cashing out a good sum with books, and giants like Amazon are competing to establish themselves in different parts of the industry.

And guess what? The reason why selling books on Amazon is a great way to get started is that you can launch your business without spending thousands on inventory. Plus, if you decide you want to start selling private-label products too, your book sales will help you raise the necessary funds to launch your first Amazon private-label product. Long before I made six-figures selling my own branded products on Amazon, I sold books. And while my bookselling method was a little different than the one used by my competitors, it primed me for the even bigger and even better things to come. It all started with a nine-to-five job. And I hated my nine-to-five job.

In our recent post about becoming an Amazon FBA seller , it was brought to my attention how lucrative selling used books on Amazon β€” and elsewhere β€” can be. It's also a great flexible gig for those looking to do something part-time or just on the weekends. Today we are focusing solely on that topic: how to sell used books for extra cash. And, we have two successful sellers stopping by to share their tips. Lori Schafer is an independent author who supplements her income buying and selling used books.

What Expertise is Needed to Become a Book Seller?

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