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the light and the glory book

The Light and the Glory: by Peter Marshall, David Manuel |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

They also continually searched their hearts for unrepented sins, which they followed with fasting and prayer. They took possession of houses full of every good thing, hewn cisterns, vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees in abundance. So they ate, were filled, and grew fat, and reveled in Your great goodness. But they became disobedient and rebelled against You, and cast Your law behind their backs and killed Your prophets who had admonished them so that they might return to You, and they committed great blasphemies. Therefore You delivered them into the hand of their oppressors who oppressed them, but when they cried to You in the time of their distress, You heard from heaven, and according to Your great compassion You gave them deliverers who delivered them from the hand of their oppressors. But as soon as they had rest, they did evil again before You; therefore You abandoned them to the hand of their enemies, so that they ruled over them. When they cried again to You, You heard from heaven, and many times You rescued them according to Your compassion, and admonished them in order to turn them back to Your law.
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In the Light and Love of the Glory!! ♥¸¸.•*¨`*•..¸¸♥

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Great book tells a truly epic story of essential history of the United States. How can anyone understand who and what America is without grasping the material in this book? We owe the authors a deep I read this book several years ago. Have since misplaced it, and wanted to get it back in my library. It's a great history of America. I think that this book, as well as the others in this series should be "must reads"!

Did Columbus believe that God called him west to undiscovered lands? Does American democracy owe its inception to the handful of Pilgrims that settled at Plymouth? If, indeed, there was a specific, divine call upon this nation, is it still valid today? The Light and the Glory answers these questions and many more for history buffs. As readers look at their nation's history from God's point of view, they will begin to have an idea of how much we owe to a very few--and how much is still at stake. Now revised and expanded for the first time in more than thirty years, The Light and the Glory is poised to show new readers just how special their country is.

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A reader of this blog recently contacted me offline to ask my opinion of the book The Light and the Glory , by Peter Marshall Jr. Although I answered her privately, her question is so important that I think it merits a more extended answer here. The Light and the Glory is arguably the most popular Christian interpretation of U. It makes sense to share a few thoughts about it, given that this blog is devoted to the question of what it means to think Christianly and historically about the American past. The first, published in , offers an overview of American history from the voyages of Columbus through the establishment of independence from Britain and the creation of the Constitution.

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  1. The Light and the Glory [Peter Marshall, David Manuel] on Probably the most interesting thing revealed by the book is the linear relationship .

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