God and gold book review

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god and gold book review

God and Gold | Council on Foreign Relations

Since Oliver Cromwell's day, the English-speakers have seen their enemies as haters of liberty and God who care nothing for morality, who will do anything to win, and who rely on a treacherous fifth column to assure victory. Political History and Theory. United Kingdom. United States. Those enemies, from Catholic Spain and Louis XIV to the Nazis, communists, and al-Qaeda, held similar beliefs about their British and American rivals, but we see that though the Anglo-Americans have lost small wars here and there, they have won the major conflicts. So far. Walter Russell Mead, one of our most distinguished foreign policy experts, makes clear that the key to the predominance of the United States and England has been the individualistic ideology of the prevailing Anglo-American religion.
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IRON GOLD // Book Review

God and Gold

Having grown up in central New York, we learned about the Erie Canal, visited places that once were part of the canal and played along parts of the Erie Canal that still existed. I still remember parts of it all these years later. Construction of the Erie Canal began in and completed in , so we are in the middle of celebrating its bicentennial. Canals were very common all over Europe, but in the early s, a revolutionary idea, especially in America. Visionaries, however, who saw how much the Appalachian mountains along the Eastern part of the United States made it difficult for Western expansion, were interested in the curious break in the mountains in upstate New York near Albany. The idea was if a canal could connect the Hudson River, which was deep enough for seafaring ships to move between New York City and Albany, with points to the west, goods and people could be transported easily and affordably.

It is impossible to imagine George W. Bush eating cucumber sandwiches on an English lawn while discussing the latest cricket scores.
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Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World

Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Username or email. Reset password Go back. In God and Gold: Britain, America, and the Making of the Modern World , Walter Russell Mead coyly claims that the originality of his interpretation of the roots of Anglo-Saxon primacy rests in its focus on the meaning, as opposed to the mere dimensions, of American power. His real accomplishment is to restore religion to its rightful place in the history of Great Britain and the United States, and their roles in the world.

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