Whats the difference between surface book and surface pro 4

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whats the difference between surface book and surface pro 4

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Book: which is better? | TechRadar

We love the Surface Book. We love the Surface Pro 4. And the answer is: the other one. The SP4 is slightly cheaper but offers some serious bang for your buck. Gordon owns a SP3 and wrote our Surface Book review.
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Published 24.12.2018

Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Laptop 2 - My 1 Week Experience!

Microsoft Surface Book vs. Surface Pro 4: Which 2-in-1 do you buy?

Microsoft has just announced a slew of new Windows 10 devices, including new phones, a new Surface Pro 4 tablet, and perhaps most surprisingly, a new laptop called the Surface Book. It might seem as though the two devices are being targeted at the same market, since both are essentially tablets that connect to keyboards. However the machines are, of course, quite different in many ways as one is designed as a traditional laptop replacement while the latter is labeled as the best Windows 10 notebook ever made. Because they're both targeted at many of the same types of users, it can be hard to decide between the two. That's why we've pitted the two devices against each other in Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Book showdown to determine which is better - or at least, which one is right for you. One of the biggest differences between the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book lies in design.

Microsoft's first-ever laptop, the Surface Book. The Surface Pro 4 is Microsoft's fourth-generation tablet that can convert into a laptop-like device, while the Surface Book is a new high-end laptop — Microsoft's first-ever laptop, in fact — that can convert into a tablet. Both devices are currently available for pre-order. Which of these computers is right for you? While we work on our own answer to that question in the form of a review, for now, let's just give you the rundown in the basic differences between the two computers, in metrics like size, weight, and tech specs. Surface Pro 4: 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and p video.

Microsoft's new Surfaces are awesome, but maybe you aren't sure which one to go with? We have both the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book in house right now; let's see if we can help you figure out which model is better for you. The answer depends largely on how you use a 2-in-1 PC. If you think you'll spend most of your time in laptop mode, and you don't mind spending more cash upfront, then go with the Surface Book. But if you use a 2-in-1 in tablet mode for, let's say, at least a third of your time — or if you just want to keep the cost down — then you'll probably be very happy with the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft may be best known for its software, but the company has been working away studiously over the last few years, creating a range of laptops and tablets that marry serious specs with desirable design. Alcantra cloth keyboard, anyone?
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Microsoft Surface Laptop vs Surface Book vs Surface Pro: Head to Head

Microsoft has launched a new Surface Pro. Webcams on the front 5MP and back 8MP also blend in more which is a small but stylish touch. As you might expect, given the dimensions, the New Surface Pro also has the same Out the box though, the New Surface Pro has native support for the Surface Dial - something I suspect was behind the deeper degree kickstand. The good news, however, is Dial support will come to the Surface Pro 4 later in the year via a firmware update. What does help give the New Surface Pro some laptop credentials, however, is its upgraded specs.

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  1. We put the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 head-to-head in eight can function as either a tablet or a laptop, they have a lot of differences.

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