Superman and the flash comic book

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superman and the flash comic book

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Here at DC Histories, we try to make sense of the continuity that perplexes, befuddles, and intimidates. The problem with superheroes with similar powers is that readers will immediately want to know who is better at an ability. Is Hulk or the Thing stronger? Who can stretch farther: Elongated Man or Plastic Man? Would Power Girl or Supergirl win in an arm wrestling match? And who exactly would win in a race between Superman and the Flash? Luckily, this last question has been answered many times over.
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The Flash is a superhero, one of Superman 's colleagues in the Justice League. His main power is Super-Speed , although it comes from a different source than that of Kryptonians ; Flash's speed comes from the Speed Force. Most of these Flashes have, at some point or another, had a superspeed race with Superman. Although the results of these races vary, most times the Flash beats Superman by a fair margin. One telling example occurred in Smallville.

The Flash or simply Flash is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Thus far, at least four different characters —each of whom somehow gained the power of "the speed force "—have assumed the mantle of the Flash in DC's history: college athlete Jay Garrick —, —, —present , forensic scientist Barry Allen —, —present , Barry's nephew Wally West —, —present , and Barry's grandson Bart Allen — The Flash is one of DC Comics' most popular characters and has been integral to the publisher's many reality-changing "crisis" storylines over the years. Like his Justice League colleagues Wonder Woman , Superman and Batman , the Flash has a distinctive cast of adversaries, including the various Rogues unique among DC supervillains for their code of honor and the various psychopathic "speedsters" who go by the names Reverse-Flash or Zoom. A staple of the comic book DC Universe , the Flash has been adapted to numerous DC films, video games, animated series, and live-action television shows. Shipp also portrays a version of Jay Garrick in the The Flash series. Created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert, this Flash was Jay Garrick, a college student who gained his speed through the inhalation of hard water vapors.

No, not god versus man, or The Beatles versus Rolling Stones. Minor spoiler s for Justice League are below.
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The team received its own comic book title called Justice League of America in November Since its inception, the team has been featured in various films, television programs, and video games. Various comic book series featuring the Justice League have remained generally popular with fans since inception and, in most incarnations, its roster includes DC's most popular characters. The Justice League concept has also been adapted into various other entertainment media, including various forms of television from the classic Saturday morning Super Friends animated series — , a live action series of specials Legends of the Superheroes , an unproduced Justice League of America live-action series for which the pilot film exists , the acclaimed Justice League animated series — , its sequel Justice League Unlimited — and Justice League Action —present. A live-action film was also in the works around before being shelved. On June 6, , Warner Bros. However, the project was scrapped again.



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  1. 6 days ago After all, Superman and The Flash have raced several times throughout comic book history, typically ending in a tie (when Flash doesn't beat.

  2. Look, anyone who knows DC Comics is fully aware that the idea of anyone being faster than The Flash is far-fetched.

  3. Ceasing their battle, Superman and the Flash offer their services to help the two alien races stop Iylar. They show the two heroes that their time travel technology .

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