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the circle book and movie

Book vs. Movie: The Circle - Literary Quicksand

They say the book is always better than the movie. In the case of The Circle , based on the book by Dave Eggers, I would venture to say that I enjoyed the Lionsgate movie more , which is rare for me. In full disclosure, I watched the movie first, then read the book directly after, so both were fresh in my mind during the comparison. The movie follows the book pretty faithfully, pulling exact sentences and scenarios and bringing them to life. Both mediums are centered around Mae Holland, a young woman who gets a job in Customer Experience at The Circle, an incredibly successful newer company on the cusp of innovation and cutting edge technology. It is The Circle's goal to make life easier, better, more fulfilling.
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Book Review - The Circle [SPOILER FREE]

'The Circle' Movie Vs. Book Shows How Big Versions Delve Deep Into Tech & Surveillance

Adapting a book for the big screen is never easy. Luckily, The Circle director James Ponsoldt, who also co-wrote the script with the author himself Dave Eggers, has plenty of experience in this area. And, just as with his previous works, The Circle movie includes a few major changes to the book. Fans of the original novel might be shocked to find out some of these The Circle movie vs. When it came to adapting Eggers' book, Ponsoldt had two major challenges: narrow down the story to fit into a two-hour film and make sure the technology in the film wouldn't look too dated in 10 or 20 years. The director focused on the main themes and conflicts of the book — technology and surveillance — to help get rid of any unnecessary story detail or tech.

Given how much more open our world has become since Eggers' novel was first released, The Circle's film adaptation should have felt timelier than ever.
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A cautionary tale of the all-consuming technology and social media around us, the movie stars Emma Watson as Mae Holland, a idealistic twenty something who finally gets her dream job, working at the powerful tech company The Circle. Now having millions of viewers following her every move, Mae becomes a sensation at The Circle and has bigger ideas, ones that bring up questions about privacy and surveillance throughout the world. But fans of the book will find some major tweaks in the movie version. A big one taken out is the love triangle Mae has in the book with fellow Circle employees Francis and the mysterious Kalden. Though Ty and Mae seems to have a romantic chemistry, he has more of the Kalden character in him, as Ty is the off-the-grid former wunderkind at the company that reveals to Mae the dark secrets of The Circle. Ponsoldt said the Francis character was in early drafts of the script, but was lifted as he didn't feel central to Mae's evolution at The Circle.

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